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"We fell in love the moment we met. We honestly did. We did Charlie Wilson’s War together. I did three days on it and she was in it.

She gave me this award recently, which was so nice that she was there and  made this wonderful speech. I remember her talking about how we met.  

She said, ‘I met Emily in my trailer. I had shoulder pads and she had a hideous skirt on. And she was wearing a low cut top. I stared at her breasts and the rest is history.’  

And that really is what happened. Amy had a good ol’ look at my cleavage and I went, ‘Are you looking at my boob?’ And she went, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry. Sorry about that.’ And we laughed.”

-Emily Blunt describing how Amy Adams stared at her boobs when they first met. (x)

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